Compatible with:

Compatible with: Compatible with:

Beautifully designed and intelligent smartlock

Introducing the world’s most compatible smart lock, easy to install and retrofit, Securaki smart lock is compatible with around 90% of UK inward open door locks and most European and American locks. Beautifully designed and intelligent smart lock that offers keyless entry. With a simple press of a button, the Securaki device effortlessly turns either a thumb turn, key turn, mortise or latch rim lock from inside your door.


Securaki features

  • Wireless control
  • Keyless entry
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Activity monitoring
  • Easy installation

The Securaki user friendly mobile app has a variety of features that offer additional functionality alongside your smart lock. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can lock and unlock your door remotely.

Some of the features available on the app:

  • Activity logs for all users with dates and times
  • Unlimited user profiles & one-time access codes
  • Provide remote access to your home
  • Door unlocked and locked notifications
  • Auto lock delay function, time can be set by the user
  • Manage multiple Securaki smart devices from one app
  • Battery status on your Securaki devices
  • Key pad false input lockout notification
  • Switch lock direction feature
  • Help & Feedback page for support with FAQ

Compatible with...

Compatible with Almost All Doors

Ideal for...


Securaki is perfect for families. Simply add the whole family to the Securaki app, allowing them to lock and unlock the door with their smartphone, keypad or key fob, making lost or forgotten keys a thing of the past. The app’s activity log allows the administrator to see who’s at home and isn’t, while the unlimited user profile function allows monitored access to extended family members from grandparents to neighbours and dog walkers.


Airbnb & Holiday Home Owners

Experience is everything and first impressions count. Streamline your guest’s check-in process by simply sending an intervention via the Securaki App which will allow the user to come and go with the use of the app from their smartphone for the duration of their stay. The unlimited user profile means that all guests within the party can have access to the lock, removing the stress of key sharing while making trips to the beach or town a little easier.For owners with multiple properties, the Securaki app allows easy management of numerous properties from within the app, making bunches of keys and keeping track of keys a distant memory. The unlimited user profile function is perfect for giving access to nominated parties such as cleaners and tradesmen, without the landlord or tenants needing to be present.


Community Care

The Securaki activity log allows access to Nurses, Carers and other home helpers via the Securaki app, digital keypad or Bluetooth key fob. Access can be monitored 24 hours a day, giving families peace of mind that timely care has been given to their loved ones, helping them live safely and independently. What’s more, the door can be opened and locked remotely from both the inside and out, keeping loved ones with impaired mobility secure.



Securaki Smart Lock is perfect for commercial settings, such as offices and warehouses. Staff members can be issued access to the smart lock via the Securaki app, digital keypad or Bluetooth key fob allowing them to flexibly come and go. The activity log allows the business owner or manager to see who is in the office at any time, monitoring movement and access remotely helping keep staff safe and stock secure. Because the lock can be retrofit to almost any lock, it’s the perfect solution for zoned secure environments that need additional access control.