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Digital Keypad

Digital Keypad

Securaki keypad allows you to effortlessly lock and unlock your door with a unique pin code, from one touch, the digital keypad lights up giving you clear visibility at night.
Use the Securaki App to monitor the entries and departures via the keypad, should any unwanted intruders try and gain access to your property with incorrect passcodes they will be temporarily blocked with our false input lockout feature and a notification will be sent to the property owner via the app giving you peace of mind and seamless control over your security.

Product Information

Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 79mm x 79mm x 23mm

Body Material : Polycarbonate and aluminium alloy

Colour : Black & Grey

Night Illumination : Yes

Waterproof Rating: IP54

Net Weight : 91g

Bluetooth: 4.0 and above

Battery Type: 2x AA Batteries

Battery life: Up to 300 Days

Lockout & App Notification feature: Yes

UK Manufacturer code : SKP-B-V1

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