About us

Welcome to Securaki

Securaki is ushering in a new era of door security with cutting-edge smart lock systems. Imagine a world in which accessing your house or company is as simple as pressing a button. We're committed to making this a reality by providing a keyless entry experience that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle. Our journey began with a goal to reinvent traditional door locks, and now, Securaki is a monument to creativity, user-friendly design, and a dedication to security. We take pleasure in offering simple installation, keyless access, and the comfort of remote control. Join us in experiencing a safe and easy way to interact with your doors.

We are passionate

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of standard smart locks and redefining daily life. Imagine a meeting where keys are no longer an issue; with Securaki, accessibility is easy. More than just a smart lock, it's a portal to stress-free life, providing keyless solutions for families and Airbnb hosts. Securaki, founded on a devotion to modernity, caters to technology lovers by effortlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday life. As your trusted companion, we encourage you to discover the Securaki difference, where each entry represents a future of convenience and security. Welcome to the forefront of smart living.

  • Keyless Entry

  • Wireless Control

  • Digital Keypad

  • Removable Batteries

  • Key fob Access

  • Easy Installation

  • Smart Home Integration

  • Securaki Mobile App

We are passionate

About changing door security, bringing innovation into everyday life, and offering keyless solutions that improve convenience and security.

We are transparent

About our goal to providing a smooth experience. Transparency is key to our customer-focused approach, from installation simplicity to battery notification clarity.

We are considered

About the demands of families, Airbnb hosts, and tech enthusiasts, making Securaki the thoughtful choice in smart lock technology.